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In brawl stars there are 26 brawlers and there is still more getting added, out of these brawlers my favouriate is Jessie.

Right below this is Jessie with her default skin (there is no turret because there is no good ones with the default Jessie skin) as the first image then summer Jessie (my fav) being the seconed image and lastly dragon knight Jessie last.

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Once I had unlocked Jessie I enjoyed how you must play here and her very unique super, first lets do the main attack.

With Jessie's main attack she fires a projectile that bounces off enemies it already hasn't hit it can only hit three enemies.

The projectile speed isn't that fast so you have to predict where the enemy is going to move (the range off the attack is 9 tiles and it can go another 9 tiles after hitting an enemy).

Jessie's super is a turret that fires very quick moving projectiles at enemies it dosn't do that much damage but you don't want to let it just attack you endlessly.

Her turret also has around 500 less health then Jessie so it may take A bit to destroy, also the turret can't move so a good strategy is to place it down and keep that area under your control.

Each charather also has a "star power" your star power is a specail ability you can unlock from boxes after you get your brawlers to level 9.

Then you have a 1% chance from a box to get the star power with the star power your charater now will have a special ability.

Jessie's star power allows her to attack her turret and heal it for 800HP, but if the turret is at max health it dosn't work.

Also when Jessie's attack hits the turret it will bounce of aswell as healing it and go seek out enemies like her normal atttack when you hit an enemy.